Werner MT 13 Telescoping Multi Ladder

Werner MT-13 is one of the most popular multitasks best telescoping ladder. Considering different ladders, we are recommending you to buy the Ladder because of its great stability and flexibility which is outstanding. It is designated as a professional-grade ladder for any work.

You can work with the ladder to 13 different working heights or positions. It can be easily transformed into a twin stepladder, extension ladder, stairway stepladder, or two scaffold bases. Also, its great safety features such as push-knob protection, J-locks on either facet, double-riveted steps, etc make it long-lived sturdiness and unbelievably versatile. So this ladder is one of the best steps ladders for home use.

Warner MT13 Best Telescoping Ladders

Werner MT-13 Telescoping Ladder


300-Pound Load Capacity Per Side

The Werner MT-13 has a load capacity of 300 pounds on both sides whether it is the person or any materials if it is set up as a stepladder. Though It’s very sturdy and actually heavy-duty rated because It is trusted by many actual users that they throw their review as they put it through a ton of work and it was even working like it was brand new.

Durable and Safe

Durability and safety is a very important matter in case of any ladder. If you choose an infirm ladder that will make a waste of money and of course unsafe for you. Werner Telescoping Multi-ladders are as durable as they are versatile. It has double-riveted steps that provide long-lasting stability. The bottom part of the ladder extra-wide flared capability which provides sturdy support. Besides, smoothly curved side rails confirm the comfort and safe climbing, while heavy-duty non-marring feet provide slip resistance.

Features and Specification​​​​​

  • Multiple Working Positions

Every Werner MT-13 ladder is unbelievably versatile and can be easily converted into a stepladder, stairway stepladder, twin stepladder, extension ladder, or two scaffold bases to be used with a plank.

  • MT series, just difference by sizes

The Werner MT Series is available in four models–Werner MT-13, MT-17, MT-22, and MT-26. Each model number indicates the size of the individual ladder. Just choose the perfect size for individual applications.

  • Easy Conversions

Each Werner MT-13 ladder can be folded into three different positions such as extension ladder, twin stepladder, and storage. The push-knob locking grip is made each of these configurations possible located on the sides of the ladder.

  • Height Adjustments

Werner MT series ladder has the unique features of the spring-loaded J-locks that allows users to set the perfect height for their working demand. Simply disengage the J-locks on either side, telescope the section out to the desired length (in one-foot increments), and then re-engage the J-hooks. That’s very easy to adjust the required height.

  • Using guide

In the box, you will get a Werner MT Series Telescoping Multi-ladder, and an instruction manual, where Warner has given guidance for the users on how to perfectly use the ladder without hassles. See Features From Amazon

Company’s Authentication: The Pros’ Choice

Werner, the most trusted name in ladders, is preferred by pros more than any other brand. For over 60 years, pros have looked to Werner to supply their climbing equipment needs. Werner manufactures a full line of safe, professional-grade products for any job, and it builds its ladders to withstand even the most challenging tasks–that’s why Werner ladders are found on more job sites than any other brand.

Customers Reviews and Ratings

When I am writing this review, the customer reviews of the product are 1661 and the ratings are 4.5 out of 5 stars. I think this is enough to make anyone trusted for the product of its quality.

Though I am going to state some of the customer reviews on the products. Here I have traced exactly some positive and critical reviews below —-

One of the customers said,

Great ladder, especially when you find it on sale in the buck-twenty range. It’s more than just having a ladder that can be a step ladder or extension ladder, you can do neat things like setting it up on stairs since each side is independently adjustable.

Another customer-reviewed,

This is a great ladder. It’s a very sturdy and definitely heavy duty because I’ve put it through a ton of work and it’s still working like it’s brand new.

​​​​A customer reviewed it critically and remove someone’s confusion

I have had this ladder for well over a year and used it extensively inside and outside my house as a step ladder and quasi-extension ladder. All in all, the functionality is very good. It is sturdy and it is very easy to adjust the height. A drawback is its weight.

It is very very heavy compared to traditional aluminum and fiberglass ladders. It is cumbersome to use as a straight extension ladder, fully extended. Lighter traditional extension ladders are easier to maneuver. I have a house with interior ceiling heights of 8ft to 16ft and an exterior roofline of about 20 feet so while there are drawbacks to weight, this ladder has saved me from buying three separate ladders.”

However, if you’re looking for a lightweight ladder that doesn’t take up much space, this probably won’t fit the bill. Yes, it is more compact than an extension ladder since it folds, but it’s still fairly large, and it is probably heavier than an extension ladder of the same length. I barely managed to get this thing up in the air in extension mode at full length, it was rough. I do really like the wider ends of this thing though sturdier. It’s built to hold a lot of weight and not fall over, and I expect that to make it heavier. If you want a lighter ladder that can match this thing, you’re going to need a lighter and more expensive material (like titanium), and that’ll cost you.”

Another user criticizes all negative issues as like,

I love this ladder heavy duty well-built and sturdy. I don’t know what’s up with all the negative reviews about how it’s too heavy I’m a little person and I have no problem maneuvering this ladder, in fact, I love all the different extensions you can do with it. I want my ladder to be heavy not some cheap piece of crap. In my opinion, People giving bad reviews about it being too heavy must be wimps. you got to expect aluminum ladder to at least weight something.

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In my opinion, this ladder is slightly heavy for its sturdiness and heavy-duty capability. This is necessary to make it sturdy. And most importantly you can transform it into a different way of use. So, you may choose it undoubtedly.